Concrete impact

Before / After

Team are engaged, accountable, proactive and proud to contribute to the results…
Rather than executing task in a « just doing the job mode » with neither pleasure nor motivation, not trying to surpass oneself and obeying to the command/control.

« when people feel passion and accountability for what they are doing, they can transform not only a company but also transform themselves. »

Vineet Nayar Employees First, Customers Second

Differenciating common projects and solutions, co-designed by stakeholders to fit their own reality, goals and challenges…
Rather than standardized concepts disconnected from the clients, the field, the practices and the circumstances.

« A threat that everybody feels and knows about but don’t talk about generates more anxiety than a threat that has been clearly spoted as the core of problems requiring to be solved and towards which all efforts of the company should converge. »

Gary Hamel

Cooperation and collaboration as working mode and the mobilization of the energies at the service of common projects…
Rather than the dilution of resources, the loss of direction and every man for himself.

Proactive team members, authors and actors of the change…
Rather than passive, reactive, victims of change or resisting to it.

« When our employees have started searching the best ways to overcome the crisis, they felt reassured about their future. »

Agility and flexibility, a soft variable-geometry framework…
Rather than a structure in silos, inertia in actions and decision making.

Activation and growth of in-house resources and talents at the service of value creation for the organization and its clients : productive relationships and interactions sharing the common projects and results…
Rather than demotivation and frustration of the potentials.


  • Implement and maintain a culture based on trust and feedback in order to turn each single action, success as well as failure, into an opportunity to learn, innovate and grow.
  • A shared vision that evolve to better adapt to constant changes of cirumstances.
    « nothing is permanent but change » Héraclite, Ancient Greek Philosopher
  • The right to fail in order to learn.
    « Already tryed. Already failed. No Matter. Try again, fail better. » Samuel Beckett
  • Role modeling leaders behaving the way they expects others to behave.
  • Encourage a constant improvement of what exists and communicate rather than systematically throw out the old and deconstruct everything.
  • Valorize what works and is well done.
  • Make everyone accountable for the tranformation by inviting them to contribute. Dare asking:
    «  how should we face this challenge? Share your insights ».
  • Make collective movement a lifestyle, an endless journey – and each time different- in the great moments as in difficult times, to keep growing and improving by learning from each situation.